Arctic Crab ‘Decade Specials’ Bait Spray


The Legendary Arctic Crab hook bait range is better than ever. This dedicated bait spray is the perfect blend of our unique Arctic Crab Flavour Enhancer, minamino and dissolved betaine

We couldn’t ignore our customers any longer, they have finally worn us down and we have just had to produce what they have been asking for since the ‘Arctic Crab’ first hit the shelves. Having been a decade since we first developed the ‘Arctic Crab’ flavour with our flavourist, we thought it would be very fitting to release another ‘Decade Special’.

Built on the same base as our extremely popular ‘365TM’ hook baits, but this time including our unmistakable ‘Arctic Crab’ flavour enhancer and soluble crab powder. These potent hook baits are not for the faint hearted. Every bit of pulling power of the ‘Arctic Crab’ right there in a little white, yellow, or pink popup/ wafter.

You can add further attraction by giving them a boost with the dedicated bait spray, but that’s only if you dare!

Available in three sized popups, 12mm, 13.5mm and 15mm and wafters 10x15mm plus matching bait spray.


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