Bespoke Baits

In the angling world where everyone uses the same off the shelf baits then why not tailor your bait and have something different from the next person. We offer a bespoke bait service where by you can choose from our fantastic base mixes and you can add your own twist by adding multiple different products in order to create your own personalised bespoke bait. If you wish to discuss these options and ask our advice on this service, feel free to give us a call on 01709 878281.

The minimum order for a bespoke bait is 40kg.

To place an order for a bespoke bait please call the following number 01709 878281

Products that can be added:-

Powdered additives:

NZ Green lipped mussel / Hydrolysed Liver Powder / Haemoglobin powder / Shrimp powder / Betaine / Spirulina / Paprika / Chilli flake / Robin Red / Spanish Red Pepper.


Banana / Pineapple / Cherry / Japanese Squid / Arctic Crab / Signal Crayfish / Shrimp / Bunspice /

Anchovy / TKO / Peach Melba.

Essential Oils:

Black pepper / Eucalyptus  and Sweet Orange.

If you have any other requirements, do not hesitate to ask.