Our Ethos

You may ask yourself, what makes RG any different to all the other bait companies out there, and I generally believe it is down to our ethos.

We have a number of aspects to the RG ethos. Our first one has always been to produce highest quality food based baits we possibly can.

The products on offer from RG without doubt tick every box where quality and consistency is concerned and it is safe to say they have certainly contributed to the captures of some rather impressive fish.  RGBaits’ PDN seal of approval is what the company is modelled on and it is arguable what the success of the company is partly due to this three word mantra- Palatable, Digestible and Nutritional, three key aspects of any successful carp bait.

When it comes to the ingredients that we use within our products, there isn’t a stone unturned when it comes to finding the very best producers from around the globe. We build fantastic relations with the suppliers and stay loyal to them while ever they are producing the very best. We also buy in quantities that are right for the users. We do not buy in excess to get the best price, only for it to be stood in a warehouse reducing in quality. We buy little and often, pallet by pallet and turn around raw materials regular to give you the freshest product possible. This may cost us more but it certainly makes for a higher quality finished bait.

Working so closely with our suppliers it opens up a world of other companies that produce and sell some very weird and wonderful cutting edge products. This fits perfectly into the RG Ethos. We are constantly searching for the next edge, the next idea or product in order to pass on to you.

This is exactly how the ‘Prime’ range was born. From one company to another to another, allowing us to purchase there products, in turn develop a totally unique and one that lead us to release twelve months before planned.

Every winter we re-evaluate our current range to see if we can improve on any individual products from knowledge that we have gained and techniques we have learnt since the previous winter.  Also there may be new materials that are available that have just come to light, products that will improve performance, attractiveness or longevity. By doing this we are safe in the knowledge that we are giving you the very best product that we can produce year on year, whether it be new or existing to the range.

We believe in organic growth, enabling the company to expand on the demand of you our customers. We don’t have huge budgets for marketing and flashing stands. We put our budgets into the high quality products and services. We let the bait to do the talking not a sales rep, through the ten years that we have now been trading, this has certainly stood us in good stead.

Lets see what the future brings…