Prime Range

As with all our baits it is utmost important to have a blend of excellent nutritional, digestible and palatable ingredients within, and the Prime is no different. We have sourced the highest quality ingredients from around the world to formulate what we believe to be a totally unique bait. The Prime recipe contains a blend of three different meat meals, each complimenting each other in the way of there amino acid profile and protein content (48–52%). Added to that is vegetable protein, mixed cereal and bird seeds, crushed oyster shell, kelp meal and our highly rated blend of three milk proteins. Soluble fish protein are added in the form of white and shellfish meals, fine pink Himalayan rock salt and beef liver powder are included to further add to the nutritional factor of the bait. The basemix is finished off by the inclusion of a distinct in house blend of palatable spices, creating a predominantly meat based bait.

Its pungent aroma is emphasized through the inclusion of the “Prime” liquid food. A in house blend of pre-digested meat compounds, refined animal oils and blend of spice oleoresins. This liquid food is high in protein, offers a balanced amino profile and boasts excellent water solubility to aid leakage, proving to be an irresistible feed stimulant and attractor.

In the ‘Prime’ range we have both freezer and stabilised baits, in sizes 12s, 15s, 18s and barrels. Also in the range are Cork dust pop-ups, wafters and hardened Enhanced hookbaits, bait sprays and bait soaks, liquid foods, pellets and stick mixes. Everything you need in every fishing situation.

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