Current & Spice Bait Spray


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Developed using the identical unique liquid blend which is used throughout the Primary pop-up range. The Inclusion of minamino and dissolved betaine only improve attraction properties, quickening the release of feed stimulants, while the addition of a natural emulsifier increases dispersion through the layers and aids palatability. A great way to give you hook baits, bags and sticks an edge all year round.

These brilliant white pop-ups are a particular favourite in the colder months, they incorporate a blend of both glycol and ethyl alcohol blackcurrant flavourings giving these pop-ups maximum leakage what ever the water temperature. The blackcurrant flavourings are accompanied by an expertly blended Essential oil package, which includes six herbs and spices in the form nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, Basel, thyme and anise. The liquids are then finished off with the correct amount of liquid sucrase to give that sweet taste and aroma. We then mix all this with fresh eggs. This is then added to our milk protein pop-up mix. Colouring has a major part to play in the attractiveness of these hook baits, and with all the Primary range they should not loose there fluorescent colour when submerged for long periods of time.


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