Seapex Pop-ups


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All our Pastel hook baits  are produced using the exact same unique liquids as the designated flavour enhancer. The only difference being, our unique blend of liquids is added at an increased level plus with an inclusion of a powdered flavour palatant giving optimum leakage, boasting year round attraction.


We thought we would catch you off guard with this release. For nearly two years we have been perfecting a blend of old and new school fish, squid, fruit and cream flavour palatants to give you something rather special. Having rolled the combination in multiple variations of colour we settled on this pastel orange and with the introduction of our ‘Seapex’ flavour enhancer along with powdered taste palatants and sweeteners to our milk protein hook bait mix. We believe we have put together a devastating hook bait of choice that will work right through the seasons. 



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