The Formula + Arctic Crab Enhanced / Hardened Hookers


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‘The Formula + Arctic Crab’ hookbait range, all our pop-ups, wafters and enhanced hookers are produced using the exact same liquid attractors as used in ‘The Formula’ bottom baits. The only difference being, our unique liquid blend is added at an increased level to give optimum leakage, a combination of distinct fishy aromas of which carp simply can’t resist.


As part of our ethos here at RG, we are continuously improving our existing products in the range. One of our latest products to go under the microscope are our Enhanced Hookers. The new recipe are much improved, harder in texture, needle friendly and the nuisance fish find them much harder to deal with. Not other than improving the physical aspects of the Enhanced hookers we have been able to further increase the attraction by increasing the liquids and powder attractions in every mix.




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