The Formula + Arctic Crab Freezer Bait


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We’ve created a blend of excellent nutritional, digestible and palatable carp bait ingredients, sourced from what we believe to be the highest quality ingredient suppliers around the world. “The Formula + Arctic Crab” recipe contains a blend of three different fishmeals, maize and soya meals, Antarctic Krill meal, Pre-digested fishmeal, natural kelp extract, mixed cereals and bird seed, crushed oyster shell, a combination of three milk proteins and a generous helping of “something that little bit special” RGBaits unique “The Formula” powder. A predominantly fishmeal bait, its pungent “fishy” aroma is emphasized through the inclusion of “The Formula” liquid food, a combination of shoreline crab hydrolysate, pre-digested liver liquid and Arctic Crab flavour enhancer. This liquid food is high in protein, has a balanced amino profile and boasts excellent water solubility to aid leakage, proving to be an irresistible feed stimulant and attractor.

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