Rob Hinkins

Home Town: Peterborough

When it comes to Rob you can give him any bait from any of the range and he will produce, this chap has a knack of catching carp, and good lookers at that! Greg first met Rob on the banks of a syndicate water in the south of Lincolnshire, this tricky little water was soon took apart by Rob and his bow string tight lines. From that day we knew we could learn a thing or two from this guy. Rob was instrumental in the development of the ‘Prime’, having tested it thoroughly before its release. Since the day of him getting his very first batch of it back in 2018, he hasn’t looked back, and his album since that day tells certainly tells you why.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a self employed pipe fitter working in the heating industry, it has it’s pro’s and con’s at time’s.

When did you start fishing and who was or still is your biggest influence?

I first started fishing around the age of about 7, my carp fishing bug started at the age of 14 my influences being Rod Hutchinson and still is, I just loved the ethos of enjoying the moment and still do.

What style of angler are you? Do you set your sights on one particular target whether it be a specific fish or do you go to catch as many as possible in the time you have?

I don’t really consider myself to have a particular style of angling, but saying that I do set out to catch as many fish as I can and with doing so hopefully the one’s I want in the album turn up at some point.

What are your strengths and when are you out of your comfort zone?

My strengths are I just love and enjoy my fishing and therefore never feel like I’m out of my comfort zone and everything just seems to fall into place.

What are your personal bests and what was your most memorable capture?

My current UK best is 48lb mirror

44lb common

And European

76lb mirror

50lb common

Most memorable there’s been a few, I suppose trying to catch my first forty and after years of trying to do so I got lucky and it happened, the following weekend I had another, go figure hahahahaha.

What is your biggest bit of advice you can offer someone when it comes to the sport?

Just try and enjoy it all don’t take it to serious, and stay away from all the negativity that surrounds carp fishing!

What is your go to rig / bait / method when you first start on a water?

I don’t have a go to rig so to speak, I’ll use whatever suits the situation at any given time be it a pop up wafter or ok my Favourite a bottom bait.

Why RG Baits and what RG products do you use and why?

Why RG, that ones easy they make great bait that fish just love to eat, well it just have’s to be the prime it’s different to most baits out there plus I was lucky to test it and haven’t looked back.

What three items couldn’t you be without when fishing?

My first morning coffee, my Rods and the most important my dog Henry.