Club Tropicana Wafters (Round) 13.5mm


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All our Pastel range are produced using the exact same unique liquids as the designated flavour enhancer. The only difference being, our unique blend of liquids is added at an increased level plus with an inclusion of a powdered flavour palatant giving optimum leakage, boasting year round attraction.

The Club Wafters come in a single size which is a 13.5mm Round.

For over a decade we have been asked for a yellow pineapple popup in our range, but as you know, we are not a company just to copy or produce what is already on the market. Therefore after a decade of thought, trials and tribulations we have finally buckled and produced a yellow popup with our twist. Based around fruit palatants, we have incorporated both a glycol and ethyl based pineapple flavour, along with a smooth peach melba and sweet banana flavourings. Finishing off the flavour profile by including tangerine essential oil and a rounded bunspice blend. This is added to our milk protein pop-up mix along with a powdered fruit palatant, citric acid and sweeteners. Far from just a pineapple popup if we had to say so ourselves. 

The Club Tropicana Wafters come in a single size which is a 13.5mm Round.


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