Shelf Life Or Freezer Bait

Published by on January 11, 2019

Shelf Life Or Freezer Bait

It’s a topic that’s circled the bait world for years and we’re asked weekly which bait is best, so we thought it’d be a good idea to give you our take on it.

Obviously we can only speak on behalf of our own products given we know exactly what goes in them and we can honestly say the only difference in the two is that the shelf life version contains three human grade food preservatives to give the bait it’s shelf life properties. Other than that there really is no difference in the two, no chopping and changing of ingredients or liquids whatsoever.

Anyone that’s familiar with the range will second the fact that if the shelf life and freezer versions were put side by side there would be no visible difference and it goes without saying that our catch reports suggest they’re equally as effective as each other.

Your choice on which to use is entirely down to you and what suits your angling situation best. Shelf life baits have the added convenience where storage and deforesting is concerned making them ideal for those spur of the moment sessions yet not all venues allow the use of shelf life baits making freezer baits the ideal choice.

Not forgetting the open door policy here at RG, don’t just take our word for it that there’s no difference in the two, feel free to call in and see both versions of the bait in production first hand