Top five tips for chasing targets this autumn – Mark ‘Chuck’ Backhouse

Published by on October 27, 2022

Top five tips for chasing targets this autumn – Mark ‘Chuck’ Backhouse
  1. Less is more, now when I say this I refer to bait used. This time of the year the weather is on the turn for the worst and the carp certainly know it, being cold blooded the carps metabolism decreases due to the drop in water temperature and this month is certainly a transition time of the year where this starts to happen. That is why I always fish for one bite at a time in the autumn, setting traps with a handful or two of bait instead of going all out with a big bed and believing in the hype of the big autumn feed up. 
  2. With less bait used, I like to add further attraction to my bait by the use of liquids and powders. This time of the year I coat my baits in ‘Bloodworm & Daphnia’ liquid extract and ‘Maxi Mussel’ powder. By doing this, the small amount of bait used still offers me a great amount of pulling power and attraction.
  3. Now when it comes to this time of the year, I don’t go chasing fish around the pond. I simply fish the pegs that I know my chosen target comes from. The big fish that I target certainly can be a creature of habits, often getting caught from the same swims time and time again. Even if I see fish the opposite end of the lake, I will stick to my guns and hope the fish I target is near by and hungry.
  4. Least disturbance as possible! Targeting big fish, you will often find me on a busy circuit water. As you know pressured fish often are on their guard majority of the time. Thats why I try to cause as least disturbance as possible. One of my biggest edges is being able to simply sit on my hands and leave the rods out for two and three days at a time. Why reel in and cast back to the same spot, creating disturbance when you can leave a perfectly good rig and hook bait in place with no disturbance caused. This has proved fruitful so many times for me, a rod I cast out on a Friday, simply left will pull up tight on a Sunday morning.
  5. Stick to your guns and be confident in what you are doing. After all you are after your target fish nothing else so simply believe in what you are doing is right.