My Autumn Approach – Les Marsh

Published by on November 12, 2022

My Autumn Approach – Les Marsh

My autumn approach is fairly simple, to put it simple, basically boilies in varying sizes. I prefer the different sizes as it gets the carp searching around and they have to suck reasonably hard in order to get all the sizes of bait in there mouth. By varying the sizes you can get away with using a small wafter, with the carp working in hard, sucking in the various different size baits, wafters work wonders using this approach. 

I prefer a small wafter hookbait match the hatch type, which as the carp are sucking up the freebies the small balanced hookbait will literally fly up into the carps mouth undetected!

My current choice of bait is ‘The Formula + Arctic Crab’, the freebies are glugged in the matching food food. After twenty-four hours of the bait soaking in the liquid food, I then sprinkle some ‘Maxi-Mussel’ powder over them followed by a drizzle of ‘Hot Shrimp Oil’. My baits are now oozing with attraction whilst sitting on the lake bed, woking there magic to draw the fish down onto your baited spot.

It’s certainly working for me this autumn, using this very tactic to catch 30s,40s and two fish above 50lbs+.

Tight lines, Les!