Top 5 autumn tips – Adam ‘Eggi’ Kirk’s

Published by on October 14, 2022

Top 5 autumn tips – Adam ‘Eggi’ Kirk’s

1. Target those deeper siltier areas: I like to target the deeper areas of the lake and fish the silty areas, I believe they will hold the natural food which the carp seek out at this time of the year. I will then move my rods according to which spot is producing the most bites/ liners and work it from there. 

2. Confidence in your bait and rigs:  Don’t be changing these based on a new rig or bait you have seen! Stick to what’s caught fish for you all spring and summer. 

3. Listen to the shows during the dark hours: I will not move during the hours of darkness, I will just note the areas for future reference,  then lead them up when I can during daylight and note any details in my notebook app for the following sessions. 

4. Move off the high attract hookbaits and go onto the food based: I prefer to go to the “match the hatch” hookbaits as most of the feeding seems to be during darkness at this time of year, the theory being is my hookbait matches the freebies in its food signal rather than a bright “cherry on the cake” style hookbait which is better suited to day time feeding spells. 

5. Keep areas baited so you have something to drop onto easily with minimal disturbance: I fish a lot of nights between work so as the autumn progresses, it’s dark when I get to the lake, so Having a couple of prepped zones makes this style of angling easier and I’m not chasing bosh’s in dark, which will result in a poor days work the following day… so the boss says!