Huge Result – Ben Finlay

Published by on September 29, 2022

Huge Result – Ben Finlay


Over to the man of the moment for this one, Mr Ben Finlay!

Well dreams do come true, after flirting with a southern park lake over the last 3 years I finally got my reward. Having seen this fish on social media platforms it was always in my head and one I couldn’t get out. Having only fished the lake a few times this year I didn’t expect to catch it so soon, but last night it felt good and the lake felt very alive. That was certainly the case when my left hand rod bursts into life! As soon as I had the take I knew it was something different, the fight was slow and heavy but once I got it close to the net and seen which fish it was my legs soon went to jelly and all kinds of things were going through my mind, like “don’t lose it now!!” and “It’s
Massive” and after a good intense fight under the tip I finally got her into the net and what a relief that was!!

I was totally overwhelmed to what had just happened, I didn’t know what to do with myself and who to ring, I was even struggling to speak but she was mine and that’s all I cared!

She came on a very good amount of the test bait along with ‘The Formula Red + Plum’ boilie. Boilie, boilie and more boilie in hope she would feed.

After 21 years waiting for my PB it finally happens with one of the best commons in the land, weighing in at very respectful 54lb 14oz. Amazing fish and a memory that will last forever!