Holy Grail Waters – Liam Gingell

Published by on August 4, 2023

Holy Grail Waters – Liam Gingell
Having spent days and days trawling through lakes on google earth in search of the holy grail of French public waters. Liam Gingell finally found what we had been looking for. With a pin dropped and dates put in the diary in readiness for his next adventure, the prep work started.
The lead up to the trip consisted of bad luck after bad luck for Liam, but that was to all changed when he finally got to the lake. He planned to fish a couple of lakes on this particular trip and four days in having done it in true Liam style having the biggest fish in the lake, you would have thought he would have moved on. He just knew the lake had more to offer so he stuck it out.
It was a trip of two baits, two spots fished using ‘The Formula + Arctic Crab’ and the other two with the new test bait that we have been putting together with Liam for three years now.
Here are Liams results on ‘The Formula + Arctic Crab’ including the big girl of the lake at over 50lbs.