Enhanced Mixers – Greg Myles

Published by on November 5, 2020

Enhanced Mixers – Greg Myles

🦐🦀🔥 Enhanced Mixers 🔥🦀🦐

One off the top for RG’s very own Greg Myles on his latest session. This rather chunky mirror going an ounce short of 36lbs was his reward on what was a very hot day.

Greg spotted an opportunity while the seagulls were sparse and catapulted a couple of pouch fulls of his flavoured mixers on to a likely patrol route. Fish soon started slurping and it wasn’t long before the take came. Twenty minutes of being pulled all over the place, even resulting in Greg going for a swim to guide the fish away from a snag not once but twice, this big male carp was in the net.

Greg uses a combination of ‘Hot Shrimp Oil’ and ‘Arctic Crab’ flavour enhancer to boost his chosen mixers, and the hookbait a ‘The Formula + Arctic Crab’ popup that had been again soaked in both the above liquids.