Arctic Crab Flavour Enhancer 120ml


This quite special product is one we have kept under wraps for sometime. The Arctic Crab Flavour Enhancer is a firm favourite with the ones in the know, and i cannot see them being best pleased that we are now releasing it to you. This liquid has had unbelievable success for the ones that have been lucky enough to use it in the past. Due to its intense pungent smell we would suggest you handle this liquid with extreme care. This concentrated liquid has a multitude of uses, whether it be adding two or three ml to your chosen hook baits, included at the suggested levels in your chosen rolled bait, or adding a few mil to your liquid food.

This unique flavour was designed with attraction and palatability in mind. Using only natural products this is a highly soluble flavour that oozes attraction in all water temperatures. The flavour enhancer are designed to be used in conjunction with both base mixes and hookbaits mixes alike, inclusion level are suggested to be kept between 2-6ml/kg to achieve a subtly finished bait.