Cheshires finery – Simon Whittle

Published by on August 18, 2022

Cheshires finery – Simon Whittle
Earlier we posted a video teaser up of Simon Whittle with one of Cheshire’s finest carp. Now here she is in all her glory. One incredible milestone in Simons angling to have such a magnificent beast from his own county in his album.
Simon said “A few Sundays back in early may I realised a dream of mine and caught my first 40+ Cheshire carp. For me, this is the best carp I have ever caught and is my true personal best”
To tame the beast, Si used a mix of ‘Vita-lac’ boilie, glugged in matching liquid food and ‘Hot Shrimp Oil’ along with hemp and tigers. Flossed to his hook was one of the NEW ‘Seapex’ hookbaits that had seen a good glazing of ‘Seapex’ bait spray!
We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive well done to Si and for allowing us to be there at every step of his journey!