A red letter at linear – Jack Mansell

Published by on August 18, 2022

A red letter at linear – Jack Mansell


It’s fair to say Jack Mansell loves the hustle and bustle of fishing down on the Linear complex in Oxfordshire. One things for sure when he goes down, no matter what lake he ends up on, he soon figures out how to tempt the bites from the lake.

Fishing a multitude of tactics whether it be solid bags or over a bed of bait, Jack tempted ten fish from twelve takes. The biggest of the bunch and a new PB to boot, which came on a ‘Smoke & Syrup’ wafter presented amongst a bed of ‘The Formula + Arctic Crab’, hemp and worm.

Another milestone in Jacks angling and we would like to say a massive well done from all at RG as we know how hard Jack works in his fishing.