Winter Bait Tips – Jimmy Hibbard

Published by on December 11, 2022

Winter Bait Tips – Jimmy Hibbard

1. ‘Vita -lac’ boilie and crumb is something I go to when the water temperature has fully dropped, I like to use this because the bait is highly soluble with crumbed boilie packed full of attraction. By using crumb it is a great way of holding carp in a particular area if you keep baiting the same place. I like to feed in small amounts regularly in turn keeping the carp feeding throughout the winter months.

2. Following from my first tip, liquid food in any of the range will work in the winter but again I like to use the ‘Vita-lac’ as I know it is super sweet and soluble and is packed with loads of attraction. I find the ’Vita-lac’ liquid is heavy, gets into the nooks and crannies of the lake, which keeps the fish visiting the spot, but being a liquid it leaves very little food value so makes the perfect product to fish over in the colder months

3. Naturals , bloodworm ,shrimp and snails are all set of a carps natural diet so when all else is failing added these to any bait mix will increase its pulling power. The ‘Vita-lac’ crumb and liquid food is a great combination fished in conjunction with maggots which we all know is a great bait in the winter months. 

4. Hot shrimp + Liver pellet and bag mix are ideal for solid bags, small food parcels, Ideal for anytime of the year. I like to use these in areas of the lake where dead weed is present. This aids with bait presentation and keeps just enough food to nick a bite or two where the carp might be holding up. One more thing I like to do with my solid bags is to add hot shrimp oil with the use of a syringe, the oil is winterised so this adds more attraction that’s going to leak throughout the water column . Don’t worry about it been oil, the ‘Hot Shrimp Oil’ works just as well in winter as it does in summer and carp absolutely love the spice.

5. Last but not least it has to be bright coloured hookbait at this time of the year. I use the 365 range with it having multiple colour in one pot. That way I have the option on colour.  The 365’s are packed with feeding stimulates and attraction, they have certainly served me so well in the colder months. I also use these as singles, casting to showing fish giving them an extra boost with the dedicated bait spray . These will definitely catch you one or two this winter if you can land right in there zone.

That’s my top five bait tips for what I use over the colder months , have a go and hopefully within put you loads of Carp on the bank!