Spring Tip, step by step – Mark Baxter

Published by on January 14, 2020

Spring Tip, step by step  – Mark Baxter

If you want to jazz things up here’s a good one for early spring time for when you don’t want to over do it with bait, but need to boost attraction levels without always heading for the obvious fluro pop ups like everybody else.

• blend to a fine crumb a few handfuls of chosen boilie, you can add other dry ingredients to this if required eg GLM powder, liver powder or salt etc but mix well and the finer the better.

• take matching liquid food bait and mix a good drizzle 50/50 with lake water to thin the liquid down.

• take your bait out the freezer.

• start adding the thin liquid bit by bit over the next 12/24hr (depending on bait size) until they seem to be unable to take on any more.

• put back in the freezer for 24hr.

• take out the freezer and place into a bucket, as they begin to thaw once more they will be sucking in moisture again, so at this stage wait for the frost to disappear then add a drizzle of neat liquid food bait to cover the required amount of boilie with a glaze.

• leave to thicken and go sticky, it should look awful after this stage and really stink, you’ll be thinking “what the hell has he got me doing?” but bare with me…..

• so start roll the bait around in the bucket so it evens out the coating, then little by little add your dry mixture moving the baits as you go.

• do this until you start getting excess dry mix settling into the bottom of the bucket.

• hopefully by this stage the Mrs hasn’t had enough and gone back to her mams, and you should have some nice plump baits full of attraction inside and out, that will leak and hallo the area around your baited rig and catch you loads of fish