Published by on October 17, 2022


With the cooler weather bearing down on us and in deep in to our favourite time of the year, here is a little edge for all you solid bag users out there. A top tip that you can keep applying right into the really cold months. 

Step One. Attached your chosen Primary Range wafter, our choice on one rod would always be a deadly ‘Seven Till Eleven’!

Step Two. Fill the bottom of your PVA bag with a small scoop of ‘Vita-lac’ stickman and add your rig and lead to the bag

Step Three. Top the rest of the bag up with 3mm ‘Vita-lac’ pellets, tie off the bag with PVA tape and trim off the excess, licking and sticking the corners down.

Step Four. Here come the TOP TIP… Add a splash of boiling water to some ‘Vita-lac’ bait soak and shake/ mix well. This will thin the thick bait soak out and make it syringe friendly.

Step Five. Fill a syringe with the warm ‘Vita-lac’ bait soak liquid and inject it into the PVA bag. Then all you have to do is cast it out and wait for the magic to happen.