Published by on November 14, 2022


The good old fashioned PVA mesh sticks, are they a thing of your angling past or do you still use them?

For ourselves at RG, with having such a array of diverse and different liquid products. PVA sticks are very much part of our angling armoury!

By combining the pulling power of the ‘Naturals Range’ liquid extracts and the sweet, creamy notes of the ‘Vita-lac’ range. These two ranges perfectly compliment each other at this time of the year right, going right through to spring.

Here is a step by step guide to how we make up our PVA sticks.

Step One: Attach your favourite ‘Primary’ wafter to your rig as your hookbait. Our choice has to be the ‘Ripple’ for the colder months!

Step Two: Pour a generous amount of ‘Vita-lac’ stick mix into a container.

Step Three: Add a good helping of ‘Vita-lac’ bait soak to the container.

Step Four: Next up, ‘Freshwater Shrimps’ liquid extract. Shake the bottle well and add to the bucket.

Step Five: ‘Bloodworm & Daphnia’ liquid extract, again shake well and add to the mix.

Step Six: Mix well using either a fork or plunger tool. Make your PVA stick and compress it well in the tube with the plunger tool. Thread down your hook link over your hook before casting out.

* If you make too much for your session, simply put the lid back on the bucket and keep in a cool dark place for your next session.

** If the mix is a little dry the next time you use it, just a a little bit more of each liquid and it should be all good to go again!

Let us know what you think to the mix in the comments section!

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