Trout lake big girl – James Ellis

Published by on January 13, 2022

Trout lake big girl – James Ellis


After wading through the smaller residents in the lake this season James Ellis was finally rewarded with one of the chunks that the ‘Trout lake’ on the ‘Approach Fisheries Complex’ is known for.

Sticking to his guns all season, James has used solid bag presentations that consist of crushed ‘The Formula + Arctic Crab’ pellet mixed together with ‘Shrimp & Liver’ amino feed stimulant powder, and a little ‘Current & Spice’ wafter on the hook. He has then been injecting the bag with both the ‘Hot Shrimp Oil’ and ‘The Formula + Arctic Crab’ liquid food. A tactic that we very rarely write about on this page but using our range it certainly shows we have the products in the range to cater for this style of angling.

Finally we would like to say a massive well done to James on his new personal best, such an immense creature to have in your album.