Stalker – Mick Hardwick

Published by on September 29, 2022

Stalker – Mick Hardwick
Our very own Mick Hardwick couldn’t have timed it any better. Returning to his Nottinghamshire syndicate for a three night session, Mick knew exactly where he needed to be, but unfortunately that peg was occupied for two of the three nights that he was at the lake.
Mick dropped in next door which gave him the opportunity to keep his eye on the water right where he wanted to be. It wasn’t a case of camping for two days, as on the first night of his session, he went on to catch the biggest mirror in the lake yet again. Being a repeat and being down in weight, it was a quick snap and off she swam. The second night passed with only a tench to show for it.
The next morning, the peg that he wanted, came available and without hesitation, he was in there. Three new rigs all incorporating ‘Club Tropicana’ hookbaits were deployed on the spots followed by a mixture of ‘Prime’ crushed and whole boilie, 14mm ‘The Formula + Arctic Crab’ pellet, all lathered in ‘Bloodworm & Daphnia’ liquid extract. Mick was so confident of what he was doing and the spots that he was fishing, he called it that he would catch the big girl that night!
Well that’s exactly what happened, the rod he knew she would come from burst into life and all hell broke loose! Adrenaline pumping and knees jangling after what was a hairy battle, Mick bundled her into the net and let out an almighty shout ‘STALKER’! She went a massive 47.3lbs on the scales, setting yet again a new lake record.
A massive massive well done to Mick, having started with us three years ago, with a personal best of 29lbs and ounces, now having two feet firmly in the 40s club is something to be proud of. Having caught the biggest mirror and common in the lake, this year is going to take some topping!