King of Cray – Joules Humm

Published by on August 18, 2022

King of Cray – Joules Humm


Over to Joules for this one.

So, After deliberating (for all of about 2.5 seconds) whether or not to go fishing, or join in with the street party festivities, the van was promptly loaded and R.K. Lesiure bound.
On arrival, I went for a walk around The Crayfish Pool (as I had a gut feeling on the drive up), but after watching the water for a while and not really feeling it I took a walk over to Kingsmead 1 only to find it rammed. So, back in the van and a quick drive over to Wraysbury 1’s North Lake . This to was busy, but I did manage to settle into a relatively quiet corner. Two nights passed by with no action, so I decided a move was needed, with that a quick drive back to K1 was made but only to find that the fish had literally just started spawning. So…. Back to plan A and another walk around crayfish and this time, it looked a lot more inviting.
A quick set up and the rods deployed before the rain set in it was time to chill out for a while.
The night passed without so much as a liner BUT about 7.30am there was a couple of beep’s on the right hand rod which quickly turned into full on melt down, followed by an epic battle with the fish stripping line, trying to find snags and ploughing through every weed bed it possibly could. Eventually I managed to slip the net under it (weed an all).
Peering into the net and pulling the weed to one side, I was treated to an awesome sight of a lovely old Sutton know as S.P’s (arguably Crayfish Pool’s most wanted) and pulling the dial around to a very respectable 39.10lb .

Moral of the story – Always go with your gut feelings

A 13.5mm 365 pop-up over a bed the ever faithful vita-lac and hemp all soaked in lashings of vita-lac liquid food doing the damage.