Holy Grail Pt2 – Liam Gingell

Published by on November 2, 2023

Holy Grail Pt2 – Liam Gingell
In search of the Holy Grail Pt2 🇫🇷
With the known biggest fish in the lake coming Liam Gingell’s way early on in his session he just knew there was more to come from this special place.
That is exactly what happened as Liam went on to have even more of the gems this place held including an even bigger fish than the known big girl.
55+ of battle scarred common was the ultimate prize from what was a very very special trip!
This selection of fish were taken on a test bait that we have been developing with Liam now for over three years. It’s fair to say Liam’s confidence in the bait is very high as we near the completion of testing!