Floppy Tail – Greg Myles

Published by on January 18, 2024

Floppy Tail – Greg Myles
A move that paid off for @gregdavidmyles as another of the lakes known residents is added to his album.
“Having had limited time to get down to my Cambridgeshire syndicate this year, each time I set foot on the bank the place seems to have changed some what. This being, on the last session it took me far too many cast to find the spots that I was happy presenting on.”
“The first night came and went and the casting had clearly moved the fish to other parts of the lake. Not to sit there, I decided to load the barrow up and find the ones that I want in the album. I had a idea as to where one or two of the right fish could be and I was right! Sat there sunning herself was the lake big girl, right in a hole in the weed. As the hour passed and she drifted away, four casts later, two rods sat ready for her return.”
“She did return with another two larger residents, one of which went straight down over the spot and snaffled the bait straight away. The result was the ‘Floppy Tail’ common!”