A Belgium canal giant – Liam Gingell

Published by on August 3, 2023

A Belgium canal giant – Liam Gingell
A Belgium canal giant for Liam Gingell, from his latest travels across the channel.
Fishing numerous stretches of canals over a week long trip, Liam ticked off all matter of sized fish, from the biggest of the bunch to the smallest!
This huge 57lbs common along with its smaller brothers and sisters took a liking to Liams test bait approach, coating the baits in matching liquid food and building layers of ‘Himalayan Rock Salt’ and ‘Squid Meal’ around each baits, fishing this alongside a handful of tigernuts. It’s fair to say it had big fish wrote all over them!
This is Liams 4th fifty pound fish from Belgium, and we are sure he’s not done yet!