2022 RECAPPED Pt2 – Dale Leeder

Published by on December 22, 2022

2022 RECAPPED Pt2 – Dale Leeder
As my spring/ summer campaign on Northey Park came to an end with a lovely couple of thirties to see me off it was a trip down south to no other than prolific day ticket venue  ‘Sandhurst’.  A baking weekend in August celebrating a friend’s birthday we had the lake booked between the thirteen of us. After a sweaty stroll around the lake in the blistering heat it was time to do the dreaded swim draw. Well you can guess who came out last.. Yes you guessed it, me. Unlucky thirteen, or was it?    

“situated in a quiet weedy corner”

After another lap around the lake I decided to slot into a quiet weedy corner with very few fishable spots. I went about by raking a hole in the thick Canadian pond weed that reached the surface in around six feet of water, giving them a healthy couple of kilos of ‘Plum’ and newly discovered 6mm Vita-Lac pellets .

“Sandhurst fully, This fish blew us away”

The night soon closed in, happy with my work and three rods deployed I was absolutely ready for bed! Well to cut it short that following morning I woke up to a bite, and by 10am every rod had gone, NOT what i was expecting! 

“A trio of mirrors”

I knew these Yateley carp were special but I was truly blown away, the pick of the bunch being an unbelievable fully scaled mirror at a smidge over thirty two pounds followed shortly by two twenties respectively. The fish pushed out of that weedy corner after those bites but the BBQ was lit and the beers followed that weekend, great company and a top top weekend.

“sandhurst social…Dont ask!”