2022 RECAPPED Pt1 – Dale Leeder

Published by on December 17, 2022

2022 RECAPPED Pt1 – Dale Leeder

Due to a heavy workload, it was April by the time i managed my first outing of the year.  Northey Park was the destination, the famous shallow lake in Cambridgeshire which has held some impressive carp over the years including ‘Kitch’ a common that went over fifty pounds, these days though a group of really cool old mirrors into their mid forties reside in the 11 acre lake.

“Greg on the camera duties in the spring sunshine”

My first bite of the year came when I first met no other than RG Baits owner Greg Myles. Greg was setting up around the corner and stopped by for a chat in the early morning spring sunshine… Just as one of the rigs got picked up. A twenty pound common being the culprit, a lovely looking common which was to start off a year of incredible looking carp.

‘The Shallows of Northey Park”

With the lake closing its doors to anglers in May I decided to put some time in throughout April which resulted in a handful of smaller residents, even though I was happy with my results I couldn’t help but feel I had been extremely unlucky not to get amongst the bigger ‘A team’ fish. 


“My bait of choice”

During the spawning ‘shutdown’ this is when Greg at RG Baits approached me and sent over a baits bundle which included a bait that caught my eye straight away. The ‘Formula Red & Plum’, a bait which was right up my street.  

“Up she goes”

Armed with a new bait and all things ‘plum’ I was soon back down the syndicate. The fish took an instant liking to the new bait, it was almost like they were waiting for me to arrive as on multiple trips I regularly got bites within the first hour of getting the rods out,  it was no coincidence that one of the most sought after fish slipped up, a lovely chunky mirror of forty pounds known as ‘Crater’.

“Over the moon, ‘Crater’… A Northey gem”


“The Bites kept coming!”