The Formula Red + N-I Plum Stabilised Bait


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“The Formula Red N-I Plum” shelf life range – incorporating the same high quality ingredients as used in our “The Formula” freezer bait, only with the inclusion of natural, human grade food preserver to give the bait its shelf life properties. “The Formula Red N-I Plum” shelf life range is designed with both short session and lengthy campaign angling in mind, boasting high leakage qualities for instant attraction, at the same time encompassing top quality ingredients, guaranteed to give the bait endless longevity. A carefully selected recipe including: Mixed fishmeals, milk proteins, natural kelp extract, Antarctic Krill meal, blended bird seeds, and Robin Red, finished off with the inclusion of our N-I Plum flavour, ensure this bait will repeatedly produce results.

available in 12mm, 15mm & 18mm.

For any quantities not listed please contact us on 01709 878281.


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