A Seasons Thank You

Published by on December 31, 2021

A Seasons Thank You

As the year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you that have flown the flag of RG Baits for 2021, from the new users to ones that have been there from the start, the guys in the shops to our amazing team in and out of the factory, thank you!

2021 has been filled with so much positivity from a company point of view, we have had tonnes and tonnes of catch reports drop in our inbox with some of the most incredible fish from near and far. 100s of personal best broken and many memories shared that our users will cherish forever. 2021 also saw the return of the ‘365™️’ hookbaits and this was certainly our biggest release to date, seeing us sell out of what I thought would last us six month, actually all went in one week!

The company has had growth through 2021 and with the growth we have been able to secure exciting new products and ventures going into 2022, ones which we cannot wait to share with you. That being we welcome 2022 with open arms!

Finally I wish you all a ‘Happy New Year’ and hope you all have huge success for 2022!

Thank you 🙏